Quiksilver Cypher Wetsuits


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Quiksilver is really stepping their game up this year with the new Cypher Wetsuits. Five pro surfers got their own signature models, including Kelly Slater, Mark Healey, Julian Wilson, Dane Reynolds, and Jeremy Flores. The suits range from 3/2 all the way up to 6/5 and they are using brand new technology on all parts of the suit. Stuff like Hyperstretch neoprene that is super stronger and flexible while still absorbing less water and keeping you nice and warm. They are also using something called Flexmax SEAL which is a next level tape and seal combination that gives you durability and keeps the water out. Overall these suits look pretty good and it’s nice to see Quiksilver try and compete with the big guys like the Xcel Drylock and O’Neil Physcho 2.

The Mark Healey model is a 6/5/3 suit with a hood and chest zip that only comes in black.

Kelly Slater’s model is the 4/3 chest zip that comes in Black, Grey/Green, and Black/Red.

Julian Wilson has a 3/2 chest zip that comes in Black, Grey/Green, and Black/Red.

The Dane Reynolds model is another 3/2 that comes in Black, Grey/Green, and Black/Red.

Lastly, Jeremy Flores ‘ suit is a 3/2 back zip that only comes in Black/Red.

Some Specs on the suits:
100% Hyperstretch II
Hollow Fiber Mid Body Panels
Flexmax (Seam Seals)
GBS (Triple Glued and Blind Stitched)
Articulated Arms and Legs
Cypher Seal V2: Wrists and Ankles
YKK Zipers
Cyberfuse Knee Pads
External Leg Key Pocket
Bead Lock Water Barrier

For a better look and the suit, we posted a video review of the suit here.



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