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2010 Surfer Poll Video Award Nominees

November 13th, 2010 by John Zanussi

  The nominees are in for the 2010 Surfer Poll Video Awards! Both filmmaking and performance of surfers have been out of this world and it’s crazy to think of how far surf movies have come. In the last year, the bar has been raised very high when talking about the quality of surf flicks. It certainly shows in the list of nominees. More »

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Ryan Struck Photo Gallery Tonight in New Jersey

October 20th, 2010 by John Zanussi

  Our friend and surf photographer Ryan Struck is having a little event tonight showcasing some of the photos he’s taken the past year in Jersey. If you’re in the Red Bank, NJ area you should definitely head down and support a local photog! More details below. More »

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Who is J.O.B.? New York Premiere

October 14th, 2010 by John Zanussi

  After days and days of searching the internet, sending emails, making phone calls, and asking people on the inside, I’ve finally come up with info for the New York premiere of Jamie O’Brien’s Who is J.O.B.? movie. The funny part is, after all that searching, I didn’t find anything or get any info. The answer came in form of a tweet this morning from our friends at More »

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Jamie O’Brien’s Who Is J.O.B.? Movie World Premiere

September 28th, 2010 by John Zanussi

  The wait is finally over! After two years of filming at some of the best waves around the world and 10,000 Red Bulls, Jamie O’Brien’s long awaited film Who Is J.O.B.? will be premiering on October 7th in Newport Beach, California. If you can’t make it to the world premiere, don’t worry, there are a handful of other dates around the country where the movie will be screened. More »

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NYSFF Feature: Somewhere Near Tapachula

September 23rd, 2010 by John Zanussi

  An orphanage called Mision Mexico in Tapachula, Mexico contacted Australian Filmmakers Jonno Durrant and Stefan Hunt about sending down a DVD of their Surfing 50 States film to watch along with an offer for the boys to volunteer there and surf with the kids any time they want. Stefan and Jonno were traveling North America in the winter at the time, and Stefan was cold so he decided to go down and hang out for a few weeks. A few days later he was emailing Jonno telling him he had to get down there and bring some cameras to make their next film. More »

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NYSFF Feature: Fiberglass and Megapixels

September 22nd, 2010 by John Zanussi

  Our second selection for films being featured at this weekend’s New York Surf Film Festival is Fiberglass and Megapixels by Derek Hoffmann and Craig Hoffmann. If you’re into pros surfing perfect winter Pipeline and learning about the insane life of a surf photographer during this time then Fiberglass and Megapixels is for you. More »

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NYSFF Film Feature: Momentum

September 21st, 2010 by John Zanussi

  The NYSFF is coming up this weekend. Hopefully every is as excited about it as I am and hopefully some of you will be attending. For the next 4 days counting down to the NYSFF, we’ll be featuring one of the movies being shown and give you an inside look into the film. The first film is the Taylor Steele’s classic, Momentum. More »

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Hurricane Earl New Jersey

September 9th, 2010 by John Zanussi

Late last week and last weekend most of the East Coast went off thanks to the swell sent by our bud Hurricane Earl. Conditions on Friday were as good as I think they can possibly get here on Long Island. I spent all day surfing in Long Beach and had some of my by best waves in a long time here at home. New Jersey was no different and Scott Miller aka JerseyShoreTog got a lot of good photos.  More »


New York Surf Film Festival Schedule and Tickets

September 8th, 2010 by John Zanussi

  Today is the day to buy tickets for this year’s New York Surf Film Festival. The event will run from Friday, September 24th to Sunday September 26th. There are a ton of screenings and a lot of movies to watch this year but tickets will go fast so get yours now! More »

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New York Surf Film Festival Featured Films

September 7th, 2010 by John Zanussi

  It’s September in New York and that means a few things for surfers in the area: warm water, no more lifeguards, hurricane swell, thinner crowds, beautiful sunsets, and of course, the New York Surf Film Festival! The event this year is set to be the best yet and with the lineup of films on hand, I can definitely see that happening. Today we are bringing you the list and a short description of the feature films that will be screened at the event. More »

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Sundown Surf Movie Night Ticket Giveaway

July 28th, 2010 by John Zanussi

  Last week we told you guys about the next Sundown Surf Movie Night featuring “The Union Express” which is coming up next Thursday July 29th. The guys over at Sundown are giving us 5 tickets to giveaway to you people in a fun giveaway. So if you’re on Long Island or in the NY area and you want to check out this movie for free continue reading this post because that’s where the details are. More »


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