Lava Girl Surf Hosts Women’s Surf Workshop


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For the first time ever, Rockaway- based surf training group Lava Girl Surf is hosting a women’s surf workshop Sunday, Oct. 14 at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club in Rockaway Beach, NY at 3:30 p.m.

Founded by long-time surfers Davina Green, Brandon D’Leo and Andreea Waters, Lava Girl Surf seeks to optimize each surf experience by implementing a thorough training program to teach every aspect of surfing. The founders agreed that a workshop would be a fun, social extension of that.

“Women having been surfing in NYC and Long Island for a long time,” Greene said. “In the last few years, the number of women who are starting to surf, not only as a summer activity, but as a year-round life-style, has dramatically increased. Most new surfers, men and women, buy or rent a board and run down to the beach to try it out unaware of the dangers, etiquette and much more. Because of this, we feel there is a real need for a workshop. After discussing it at length, we thought there was enough interest and that it would be fun, informative and cool.”

The workshop is designed to help women overcome challenges associated with their gender in surfing. It will include a ding repair clinic, safety and etiquette guidelines, personal stories from experts, surf report reading and understanding, surfboard design and shaping tips and a board swap advice seminar.

Women’s surf movies will also be screened throughout the evening. One of the New York Surf Film Festival’s selections, “AWAY,” will also be shown at the workshop. “AWAY,” directed by Rockaway surfer Elisa Bates highlights the subculture of women surfing in the NYC area by following three local women. An after party is also scheduled following the workshop.

“We hope the attendees will gain awareness and confidence in their approach to surfing,” Greene said. “We want them to feel empowered and informed. We want to explain what they are supposed to do in tricky situations in the water; understand how to choose the right equipment for their level, and how to take care of that equipment. Reading a surf forecast is not as simple as looking at the “prediction” for your local spot, which is most likely being posted by someone on the other side of the country who is reading charts. There is an understanding of swell direction, wind, tide, and the ocean floor of each respective surf spot that is required in order to develop an instinct for when yout home break will be working. Our goal is to share information that make them better surfers in and out of the water.”

Tickets for the workshop and after party are available for purchase before the event for  discounted prices as opposed to $20 for the workshop and $12 for the after party at the door.

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