2011/2012 Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau Invitees


the quiksilver in memory of eddie aikau big wave contest 2011/2012 Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau Invitees

Tomorrow kicks off the 3 month long waiting period for the Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau Contest. This big wave contest is invitation only and features some of the best surfers in the world along with a lot of the core big wave surfers from Hawaii. Since the waves need to be at least 20 feet to even be considered to run the contest, there have only been four times in the last ten years where the event has taken place. There have been some incredibly memorable moments since it’s inception in 1984 and hopefully Waimea Bay will see a big enough swell this year for it to go. Below are the 28 surfers invited to compete along with the list of alternates.

Brock Little – HAW
Bruce Irons – HAW
Clyde Aikau – HAW
Dave Wassel – HAW
Greg Long – USA
Jamie O’Brien – HAW
Jamie Sterling – HAW
Kala Alexander – HAW
Kelly Slater – USA
Keone Downing – HAW
Kohl Christensen – HAW
Makua Rothman – HAW
Mark Healey – HAW
Michael Ho – HAW
Nathan Fletcher – USA
Noah Johnson – HAW
Peter Mel – USA
Ramon Navarro – CHL
Reef McIntosh – HAW
Ross Clarke – Jones – AUS
Rusty Keaulana – HAW
Shane Dorian – HAW
Sunny Garcia – HAW
Tom Carroll – HAW

Carlos Burle – BRZ
Grant Baker – ZAF
Jeremy Flores – EUR
Takayuki Wakita – JPN

Kalani Chapman – HAW
Garrett McNamara – HAW
Ian Walsh – HAW
Kahea Hart – HAW
Alex Gray – USA
Chris Bertish – ZAF
Mark Mathews – AUS
Shawn Dollar – USA
John John Florence – HAW
Danilo Couto – BRZ
Jamie Mitchell – AUS
Evan Valiere – HAW
Gabriel Villaran – PER
Danny Fuller – HAW
Keoni Watson – HAW
Ben Wilkinson – AUS
Diego Medina – CHL
RUsty Long – USA
Derek Dunfee – USA
Anthony Tashnick – USA
Ken Collins – USA
Kealii Mamala – HAW
Ross Williams – HAW
TAv Hannemann – HAW

Be sure to stay updated on all the happenings of the Eddie event at quiksilverlive.com.



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