ASP Announces Volcom Fiji Pro in 2012

volcom fiji pro asp world tour tavarua 610x356 ASP Announces Volcom Fiji Pro in 2012

The exclusive island of Tavarua will host the Volcom Fiji Pro in 2012 and beyond. Photo: Tom Carey

After a four year hiatus the ASP World Tour will be returning to the island of Tavarua in Fiji.  Of all the companies stepping up to bring Fiji back to the tour, who would have thought it would be a company that has never sponsored a World Title event. Volcom has sponsored the Volcom Pipeline Pro which is a 5 star event on the WQS so this is a huge step forward for the company.

The last time a World Title contest ran in Fiji was 2008 and who won it but 10x world champ, Kelly Slater. Since then, a lot of the pros have been itching to get back there and event the newcomers to the tour are pumped on the event since some of them have never even been to Tavarua.

“We are all very excited about the opportunity to host our first ever ASP World Title event in Fiji,” Richard Woolcott, Volcom CEO, said. “Having the contest at Cloudbreak, or even Restaurants, is a perfect fit with Volcom’s long history with Tavarua. This is a major step in our surfing program and it’s great to be able to support the tour and its athletes with an event in world class surf.”

The Volcom Fiji Pro will run from 2012 to 2014 but hopefully it sticks around as a consistent spot on tour after that. If the waves in Fiji are anything like they were a couple of weeks ago they may have to bring back the “Dream Tour” name, no matter where the other locations are.

Here’s a little video from the 2008 Globe Pro Fiji.




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