ASP Announces Quiksilver Pro in New York


quiksilver pro new york asp world tour new york september1 ASP Announces Quiksilver Pro in New York
It is official! Quiksilver and the ASP just announced that the event scheduled for the East Coast on the 2011 tour will in fact, take place in Long Beach, New York. There was a ton of speculation and rumors about this when the ASP released the 2011 tour schedule back in November and now it’s going to happen. The contest will take place from September 4-15 on one of the beaches in Long Beach.

The event will have a $1 million dollar prize purse which is pretty much unheard of in surfing. This is going to be an amazing event here in NY, we just need to make sure we get some waves. It will be interesting to see what the pros have to say about coming to New York and competing.

The announcement of this event also answers another question on everyone’s mind: whether or not Kelly Slater is going to retire. Well this quote from the ASP website seems to give us the answer.

“When I was young, I remember some great waves on Long Island with my brother Sean and our friends,” said Kelly Slater. “I’m really looking forward to being in New York. This event itself will be unique and kind of an unknown for us and bringing the ASP tour to Long Island should be fun cause there’s a big surf culture there already and some great surf shops.”

See you in September!

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