Rip Curl Pro: Bede Durbidge Barrel (15 Photo Sequence)


rip curl pro search puerto rico pictures bede durbidge 16 610x406 Rip Curl Pro: Bede Durbidge Barrel (15 Photo Sequence)
The Rip Curl Pro Search Puerto Rico kicked off this morning with all of the Men’s first round heats running at Playa Middles. The winner of heat number 7 was, Puerto Rico first-timer, Bede Durbidge. With only 0.56 points separating first place and third place, the heat was jam packed with excellent surfing from Bede, Dusty Payne, and Freddy Patacchia. Halfway through the heat, Dusty tucked himself into a deep barrel and came out the doggy-door after everyone thought he wiped out, but Bede answered right back with this amazing wave. 

More action should kick off tomorrow morning as round 2 heats hit the water. We’ll have more photos from today’s action tonight and be sure to watch the live webcast tomorrow and follow us on Twitter as we’ll be on the beach again at Middles.



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