Parko injured at home days before J-Bay contest


joel parkinson parko injury 610x404 Parko injured at home days before J Bay contest
Australia’s Surfing Life just posted up some bad news regarding Joel Parkinson. Apparently he wiped out pretty bad at his in his backyard today at Snapper Rocks and came out of the water unable to walk with deep gnarly cut on his lower leg and was then taken to a local hospital.

“He tucked into a super dredgy one and just disappeared inside, then showed up bobbing around in the whitewash. He was definitely in a lot of pain. There were no rocks where he went down so he must have gotten mixed up with his board.”

With the J-Bay contest less then a week away, it seems pretty slim that he’ll be in good enough shape to compete. This really sucks because Parko is one of my favorites to watch at J-Bay, especially after the show he put on last year when he won. Do you remember that perfect 10 barrel he had? Well if you don’t, the video is below.

We’ll try to keep you updated on Parko’s condition but make sure to check out Australia’s Surfling Life and the ASP World Tour website for the most up to date news.

UPDATE #1: Parko just dropped this one on us.

joel parkinson parko iunjures his leg 610x296 Parko injured at home days before J Bay contest

UPDATE #2: Parko just tweeted a photo of his heel. Shit is super gnar!

joel parkinson cuts off his heel Parko injured at home days before J Bay contest

UPDATE #3: Joel Parkinson has officially withdrawn from the Billabong Pro at J-Bay


Joel has officially pulled out of next week’s Billabong Pro at Jeffreys Bay after badly slicing his foot while surfing at Snapper Rocks this morning.

“I just pulled into a barrel and been taken out by the foamball, and pretty well straight away I’ve felt the board hit me,” says Joel. “I knew immediately it was a pretty serious cut. I didn’t want to look at it when I came in because I knew it wouldn’t be good.” Joel was helped up the beach to a waiting ambulance by good friend and three-time world champion, Andy Irons who had been surfing with him.

The cut is on the underside of Joel’s right foot, just in front of his heel. Due to fly out early next week for South Africa, the cut will not have time to heal and as such Joel has made the decision to miss the Jeffreys Bay event.

“It’s one of my favourite events, so I’m obviously disappointed that I won’t be there this year. After having such a long break I was really looking forward to competing again and really looking forward to just surfing J-Bay.”

Joel’s disappointment wasn’t confined to missing J-Bay. “Did you see how perfect the wave I did it on was? One of the most perfect waves I’ve ridden at Snapper and I go and cut my foot on it!”

While Joel will miss J-Bay, there is a six-week break until the next event, the Billabong Pro in Tahiti starting on August 23, and there are no doubts that he’ll be ready for it. “In a way I was lucky it happened now and not later in the year when the events are all back-to-back. At least I have the time now to get it right. I just wanna wish all the boys good luck over at J-Bay and I’ll see you all in Tahiti.”

Thanks to all the crew who’ve been offering their support. We’ll keep you posted in coming days.



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