Rip Curl Pro Search 2010 Location Revealed


rip curl pro search 2010 location puerto rico Rip Curl Pro Search 2010 Location Revealed
On the live webcast between the semi finals and finals of the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach, the commentators announced the location of this year’s Rip Curl Pro Search contest. A few months ago, when they announced that it would be somewhere in the Caribbean, we made a guess of where it might be.

The 2010 Rip Curl Pro Search will be held………somewhere…………..Puerto Rico. That’s right, I called it correctly. Even CJ Hobgood called it in the interview we did with him in February. The guys on tour seem to be pretty excited to see a WCT event in PR.

“It’s going to be interesting,” said France’s World Tour competitor Jeremy Flores. “I think the Rip Curl Pro Search is our most amazing event and every year we go to a special location and it’s always exciting. I have never been to Puerto Rico, but I have a bunch of friends there and I know they’ve got good waves, so I’m looking forward to it.”

Also for Florida guys like Slater and the Hobgood brothers, Puerto Rico is pretty much in their backyard and they’ve had a lot of experience surfing their as kids coming up and competing.

“Having an event in Puerto Rico is almost a draw to keep me on Tour all year, because I couldn’t imagine having an event in my backyard and not being able to be there,” said Kelly Slater. “I have a lot of great memories of Puerto Rico – all the first wins I had internationally as a kid were there and I surfed a lot of contests there when I was younger. I’m looking forward to getting there.”

Now where exactly in Puerto Rico will they hold the event? Will it be on the North coast in the middle of the island near San Juan or to the West, close to Isabella at Middles or Jobos? Could it even be somewhere near or in Rincon? We’ll have to wait as the event gets closer to get the exact location. Either way, it is going to be an amazing event and I will be heading down to my house in Puerto Rico during the waiting period at the end of October to see all the action go down in person. So expect some exclusive coverage of the 2010 Rip Curl Pro Search Somewhere in Puerto Rico right here on SURFBAG. Until then keep up on the site here for any updates.



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