Who’s Riding What at Bells


kelly slater rip curl pro bells beach boards 610x407 Whos Riding What at Bells
Thanks to the internet we are getting all sorts of looks at what the pros are choosing to ride for each contest. Over the past week or so, we’ve been seeing a few guys or their sponsors post pictures and dimensions of some of the boards they might be ridding in the upcoming contest at Bells Beach.

Taj Burrow
Taj didn’t get into much detail about the exact specifics of the boards he has to choose from. He basically just posted a photo of his choices to twitter and asked the masses “Which one should I ride?” [link]

taj burrow quiver bells 610x457 Whos Riding What at Bells

Kelly Slater
Channel Islands Surfboards usually does a pretty good job at giving everyone a sneak peak at not only what Slater is going to ride but the other guys on their team too. Slater has these four boards to choose from all 5’9” and right around the same dimensions. For dimensions and more info on these check out C.I.’s website.

kelly slater rip curl pro bells beach boards 610x407 Whos Riding What at Bells

Mick Fanning
Mick hasn’t posted any photos anywhere but he did mention on his website what he could be ridding depending on the conditions.

“If the waves are six foot and pumping I’d probably step up to a 6′1″ X 18 1/4″ X 2 3/16″. Any longer than a 6′2″ and I’ll go for a pin-tail over a rounded-square.” [link]

Joel Parkinson
Parko went the same kind of route that Taj did, he posted a single picture to twitter stating that this is “My new bells craft”. [link]

joel parkinson bells board Whos Riding What at Bells

Dane Reynolds
Along with Kelly, Dane rides Channel Islands boards and they’ve gone ahead and done a great job showing off his selection of sticks. Dane has a some choices to make here, but will probably be a bit easier depending on the conditions. Not sure how that young child performs in overhead Bells but it looks like Dane might be going with the 6’1” he rode when he beat Parko at the last contest. All the dimensions and details on Dane’s boards can be seen here.

dane reynolds rip curl pro bells beach quiver 610x436 Whos Riding What at Bells

Channel Islands also posted the quivers for Dusty Payne, Tanner Gudauskas, and Pat Gudauskas.



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