Jamie O’Brien Wins Volcom Pipeline Pro


0110jamie wins560 Jamie OBrien Wins Volcom Pipeline Pro
Jamie O’Brien wins it big in epic conditions in his own backyard at the first ever Volcom Pipeline Pro. Volcom put on a five star ASP World Qualifying Series event which gave the winner (O’Brien) $16,000 and 2,000 rating points. O’Brien pounded his way through four days of competition, going up against the best of the best at Pipeline and being on top in the final day. The final consisted of Jamie O’Brien HAW (17.00), Anthony Walsh AUS (14.87), Mark Mathews AUS (14.14), and Danny Fuller HAW (12.16). Two high scores – 8.77 and 8.23 – sealed the deal for O’Brien, giving him a two wave total of 17.0 out of a maximum 20. This is O’Brien’s fifth win at Pipeline (one Pipeline Masters, one Backdoor Shootout, and three Pipeline Pros). The final was an exciting heat as in the dying seconds it was really still anyone’s win. O’Brien said in an interview, “..I started praying it was going to go flat at the end, and Mark looks at me and says, ‘I bet you’re praying it’s going flat’, and I was like, yeah!”. Growing up in Hawaii and having Pipeline as your backyard is a huge advantage, but Pipe is still one of the hardest and deadliest waves to ride. Jamie has put in his time and his dues, and no wonder this is his fifth win at Pipe. Volcom teamed up with Electric and made the event more ‘green’ by having the event held inside the Volcom house and have hardly any tents on the beach. Another cool thing they did was use metal bottles and cans instead of plastic for the environment. Volcom is stepping up and getting more involved in events now, which is pretty cool. Congrats to Volcom, with their first ever ASP event and it being held in the epic Pipe conditions. Also, congrats to Jamie’O for his monster win at the Volcom Pipeline Pro! Check out the pictures below of Jamie’O in the whole event.



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