2009 O’Neil Coldwater Classic California Wrap Up


CWC CAL09 FinalDay 08 2009 ONeil Coldwater Classic California Wrap Up
The O’Neil Coldwater Classic California was the last stop of the O’Neil Coldwater Classic series. The five locations were Tasmania, Scotland, South Africa, Canada, and California. All of the events having great conditions and California being one of the largest. The west coast had one of the biggest swells of the year during the O’Neill Coldwater Classic. Santa Cruz’s highlight break, Steamer Lane, was nothing but a highlight of the year.

Nate Yeomans taking the win of the Coldwater Classic and Nat Young taking the win of the Oakley Pro Jr. Nat Young is no stranger to Steamer Lane, he has been surfing there his whole life and is the main reason why he has been so successful there.

O’Neill Cold Water Classic Series Champion:
Blake Thornton: 6,688 points
Jarred Howse: 6,625 points
Adam Melling: 6,125 points



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