Taylor Steele’s Bespoke Air Force 1’s


taylor steele bespoke nike air force 1 2 Taylor Steeles Bespoke Air Force 1s
Looks like Taylor Steele has been up to something other then making amazing surf flicks during his time here in New York. Being the creative guy he is, he stopped by Nike’s 21 Mercer shop to design his own pair of Air Force 1’s. 21 Mercer is a one-of-a-kind shop Nike opened up in SoHo, NYC that lets you collaborate with a Nike specialist to design and create your own shoe and customizing the sole to the laces and everything in between.

The shoe Taylor created fits the style of his movies, clean and simple, yet well thought out and of quality. I like how he incorporated the Sipping Jetstreams logo into the shoe and hangtag. Not sure how this colab between Taylor and Nike came about, but the AF1’s they created look dope and I can only hope that I can get in there one day to create a custom SURFBANG shoe.



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