Quiksilver NFL NY Giants and NY Jets Boardshorts


quiksilver nfl boardshorts new york giants jets 610x320 Quiksilver NFL NY Giants and NY Jets Boardshorts

If you’re a football fan living in New York, chances are you’re probably a Giants or Jets fan. You’ll also know that tomorrow’s matchup between the two teams means a lot for each team’s playoff hopes. This is a surf blog so I’ll spare you my thoughts on the game but what better way to root for your team then by wearing a nice pair of Quiksilver boardshorts. Quiksilver has teamed up with the NFL to release a line of shorts that represent teams from the NFL. Up until the summer only two of the California football teams were available but right before the Quiksilver Pro New York started Quik debuted shorts for the Giants and Jets.

The boardshorts have a 22 inch outseam, feature Quiksilver’s Diamond Dobby technology, and are 100% polyester. I own a pair and they aren’t the softest pair of boardshorts I own but they are very comfortable, fit well and haven’t given me any rashes when worn in the water.

If you’re not into the Giants or the Jets, Quiksilver also has shorts for the San Diego Charges and the Oakland Raiders for sale.

You can pick up a pair for $59.50 at quiksilver.com/nfl.



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