Rip Curl’s 52 Camera Video Shoot (6 Videos)


ripcurl mirage 52 camera surf shoot 610x291 Rip Curl’s 52 Camera Video Shoot (6 Videos)
For 2 days, Rip Curl took over the Wave Pool at Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia for a photo and video shoot for their new line of Mirage boardshorts. Rip Curl team riders Mick Fanning, Owen Wright, Steph Gilmore, and Matt Wilkinson spent the time surfing the machine made waves while 52 Canon DSLR cameras recorded all the action. People don’t seem to talking much about the new super stretchy boardshorts, they’re talking about the images captured by the 52 cameras.

Set up side by side, the cameras all recorded the surfers’ actions simultaneously. Afterwards, the images are strung together to make a really cool 3D “Matrix” style photos.

The video below gives a look behind the scenes of the setup then below that is the final commercial and videos sections for each individual surfer.

Behind the Scenes

Rip Curl Mirage Commercial

Mick Fanning

Steph Gilmore

Owen Wright

Matt Wilkinson



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