2010 Boardshorts


quiksilver cypher jdub blue 2010 Boardshorts
The past few years we’ve seen a huge increase in board short technology. The main thing we look for in a pair of boardshorts is how comfortable they are and whether or not they leave you with a nasty rash after a long sesh. If you find a good pair of baggies that are comfy and don’t rash, they become the shorts you always wear in the water.  Companies have caught on to this and have been designing high tech boardshorts that prevents rashing and give more stretch for the most comfort and durability. For 2010, most of the top brands are dropping brand new designs with catchy names and funky colors. TransWorld Business put out an an issue showing all the new boardshorts on the market this year and we’ve picked out our favorites.

O’Neill is releasing the Hyperfreak 2.0 and they are my favorites of the bunch. These shorts have no inseam, welded hems, a zipper pocket and welded hyperprene panels. They come in two colors, blue and yellow and are available now.
For $85 they can be yours. More info on O’Neil’s website.
oneil hyperfreak blue 275x311 2010 Boardshortsoneil hyperfreak yellow1 275x311 2010 Boardshorts

Rusty is rolling with their Hybrid III shorts. They have been upgrading their line like all the others, into the realm of the super stretch. The Hybrid III’s feature four way stretch, recycled polyester, ultralight, and quick drying boardshort.
These funky looking shorts come in blue and red and retail for 60 bucks. More info on Rusty’s website.
rusty hybrid3 blue 275x311 2010 Boardshortsrusty hybrid3 red 275x311 2010 Boardshorts

Billabong is also rocking with the super-stretch and it’s been a big hit for them with the Platinum PX1. From my own experience, these are amazing and are my favorite pairs of baggies. They are super light, super stretchy, and real comfortable. The Platinum’s come with four way stretch, they are fast drying, ultralight, use streamlining for less friction, and offer some UV protection.
A pair of these bad boys will run you 90 bones. More info on Billabong’s website.
billabong platinum px1 black 275x332 2010 Boardshortsbillabong platinum px1 black1 275x332 2010 Boardshorts

Quiksilver is promoting their new Cypher line super hard. They’ve even put together a mini movie with top guys from their surf team, like Slater and Jordy, surfing in super slow motion HD. You can download the movie for free, here. But, like all the others they are also going with the no rash and super-stretch message. The Cypher’s come in a few different models and designs but for the most part they have a neoprene fly, their ne Diamond Dobby technology (less skin contact), and they are ultralight and flexible.
All the models cost $60 and you can check out the full line on Quiksilver’s website.
quiksilver cypher jdub blue 275x366 2010 Boardshortsquiksilver cypher massive blue 275x366 2010 Boardshorts

Last but certainly not least, is Volcom. They have come out with the Bruce Annihilator Mod. super stretchy. These look like they would be sick to rock out in the water. Some features are four way stretch, modulator zip-fly technology, and ultralight. They also come in five different colors: Black, Lime, White, Red, and Camo.
These will run you around 50 bucks and you can see more on Volcom’s website.
volcom bruce mod lime 2010 Boardshortsvolcom bruce mod red 2010 Boardshorts



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