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Make Your Own Organic Wax

April 20th, 2010 by John Zanussi

This is a perfect project for those long flat spells when you are going crazy for some waves. Surprisingly, it is not that difficulty or time consuming to make your own organic wax. put together a nice video that shows the entire step-by-step process of how to go from a few organic ingredients to a few bars of homemade wax. More »

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Turn Surf Magazines into Drink Coasters

April 2nd, 2010 by John Zanussi

  Every month when a new Surf mag comes in the mail, what do you do with the old one?  You put it in a huge stack with all the others right? Well if you’re in need for some cool looking drink coasters and you are feeling a little artsy, you can put those old mags to good use. More »

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Interview with Artist Heather Brown

March 22nd, 2010 by John Zanussi

We recently had a chance to speak with surfer and artist Heather Brown about her work and how she got to where she’s at today. Most of Heather’s stuff consists of unique looking paintings that are inspired by the ocean, surfing, music, and her home of Hawaii. Her paintings have been shown in galleries all over the world and she has worked with Rip Curl, Jack Johnson, and the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, just to name a few. Heather was nice enough to answer some questions for us and send us a handful of pictures of her paintings, which can all be seen below. More »


Surf Paintings by Kevin A. Short

March 6th, 2010 by John Zanussi

  Looking for some real cool artwork to hang up at your place? Then you should definitely check out some of California local, Kevin A. Short’s work. He has been creating artwork since he was in high school and gets most of his inspiration from random colors or shapes that trigger ideas in his mind. Most of his paintings involve surfers or the beach and all have a very cool old school vibe to them. Kevin was recently interviewed by Liquid Salt Magazine, where you can learn more about his history and what drives his work. More »


Jay Alders Surf Art

February 6th, 2010 by John Zanussi

  Photography tends to dominate artists’ depictions of surfing and beach life.  The work of Jay Alders comes as a refreshing break from this trend, as he caricature-izes common surf imagery.  The dude is the real deal — he’s a surfer, skater, snowboarder, and his online bio says he likes to meditate, lead a vegan lifestyle, and donate to PETA.  I bet the ladies just eat that right up. More »


Octopus Chandeliers by Adam Wallacavage

February 2nd, 2010 by EG

  These are the absolute dopest home accessories you could possibly own.  This gallery contains over a dozen custom octopus chandeliers by sculptor/photographer Adam Wallacavage, all of which make me want to redesign my entire house.  Would you believe it that this dude is actually allergic to shellfish?  True story.  Wallacavage is a featured artist at Hurley; they have an exclusive video interview with him in his home that you can check out here.  More »

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Casa Surf Project

November 4th, 2009 by John Zanussi

This might be the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. La Casa Del Camino hotel in Laguna Beach teamed up with 10 different brands and let them each remodel and design a room in their hotel. If you can make it, they are holding an open house on November 4th from 6pm – 8pm or you can just check out the pictures in the post. More »


Frank 151 – Chapter 38: Herbie Fletcher

October 22nd, 2009 by EG

  Chalk full of impressive photography and dialogues with some of the industry’s most respected riders, this brand new release from Frank 151 might be the coolest coffee table book you could possibly own.  Unfortunately, you’ll have to head over to Atlanta, GA to get your free copy.  If you can’t make the trip, you can check out most of the pics/literature at Frank151.  More »


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