Skate House

etnies owner skate house 3 Skate House

Still a prototype but the completed project looks like it'll be a dream home for any skater.2

This has absolutely nothing to do with surfing but I thought it was cool enough to put up on the site. Pierre-Andre Senizergues, the owner of Sole Technology, the company that owns Etnies, Emerica, éS, Altamont, and a few other brands is doing something he’s probably been dreaming about since he was a grom, having a house built that is completely skateable, inside and out.

The house which is still a prototype is being designed by architect Francois Perrin and will be built in Malibu, California. Perrin has experience building skateparks but this is his first attempt at merging a skate park and a functional home. The video and photos below give you a better idea of what the house is all about. My guess is that friends of Pierre-Andre will be visiting him a lot more once the house is built.

Also, the New York Times has an interview with Francois Perrin which you can read at



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