Lauren Elyse Board Art


lauren elyse surfboard art skateboard Lauren Elyse Board Art
In an effort to showcase more local artists and photographers here on SURFBANG, I’d like to introduce you to the artwork of Lauren Elyse. Lauren was born and raised in New Jersey and started putting her artistic ability to work as a teenager when she would paint her friends’ surfboards.

At the age of 19, Lauren moved out to San Diego where she worked for a handful of shapers but mostly with Solid Surf out of the FCS factory. Since then, she’s been abroad studying in Europe and now she’s back on the East Coast and painting boards again. Below is a small sample of some of Lauren’s work. Unfortunately, Lauren had a hard drive crash recently and lost a ton of photos of all the work she did out west. When and if she recovers that stuff, I’ll be sure to share it with all of you.

If you’re looking to have a board painted by Lauren or just want to check out more of her stuff, head over to her page on Facebook.




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