Dane Gudauskas & Isis ‘Lips’ Collection


dane gudauskas isis lips iphone case Dane Gudauskas & Isis Lips Collection
When not surfing and traveling the world competing in the WQS, Dane Gudauskas keeps busy with his second love: creating art. He’s now teamed up with a company called Isis, which specializes in iPhone and laptop accessories including bags, cases, and skins.

The ‘Lips’ collection, is an original design inked by Dane on surfboards that accompanied him to Tahiti, Australia and Hawaii, was his first choice for the ISIS collection. The super funky ‘Lips’ image is as bold as Dane himself and incorporates bright colors that pop off the ISIS iPhone shell.  Plus, the interior of each shell flaunts the pro-surfer’s autograph!

“I was stoked to sign my name on this project.  ISIS is cutting edge in the consumer electronics market and their gear is a great canvas to showcase my creative side and give iPhone cases some artistic personality”, says Gudauskas.  “I’m waiting for my next inspiration to hit so I can recreate the magic and collaborate with them again.  Through ISIS, I want to push the envelop of creativity within the consumer electronic industry”, Dane states

The case will drop this summer and will cost 28 bucks. Head over to IsisGear.com for more info and to check out the entire summer line of accessories.

Source: Transworld Surf



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